Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Venturing Leadership Skills Course

For anyone who is interested, March 7th and 8th at Camp Tracy is the Venturing Leadership Skills Course (VLSC). This is one of the requirements for anyone who is interested in working on the Venturing Gold or silver Awards. If you need a unit leaders signature contact me here.

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

7 Steps To Earning An Award

John Boom's 7 Step Guide to Earning Any Award:

1. Get a copy of the requirements--You can get them from either the ranger/Venturing Handbook or print them from http://usscouts.org/usscouts/advance/venturing/intro.asp

2. Get a notebook with folders. Write down your goals. Write down your deadlines. And list how you plan to accomplish each goal. In the folder include any papers you collect and take pictures along the way. You can use these in your presentations, scrapbooks, and they help to prove that you have actually done what you said you have.

3. Phone calls. Getting most Venturing awards requires lots and lots of phone calls. Call for permits you will need. Find contacts for people who have the specializations you are looking for. Call people to get the information out about what you are doing. Call to get approval. This is why you have a notebook. Keep track of all of your calls. keep your phone numbers and log your contacts. It helps settle disputes and clear things up, and it keeps you well organized. And it helps to remind you of the events that you have scheduled.

4. Go shopping--It takes a lot of equipment and supplies to fully complete the Award. Find out who has what. Find out what you can borrow or rent. Have a budget and go get it!

5. Go do it!

6. Follow up and follow through. Make your presentations. Make sure you have completed ALL of the requirements! Send out thank you notes. Make sure you have all of your paperwork properly filled out and that you have all of your signatures.

7. Turn your stuff in at the council, get your award, invite your friends, have your Court of Honor--Congratulations You have earned your award!

Saturday, January 5, 2008

Congratulations to Our Tooele Sister Venture Crew!

Congratulations to Erin and Arthur! They have successfully started a Venture crew in Tooele. If anyone is interested their meetings are every Tuesday 7pm at the Tooele Army Depot. If any one wants more information go here.

American Heritage Medallion

If anyone is interested in earning a medal from The US Heritage Association, it looks a bit like this:

The requirements are as follows:

_____ 1. Tell when the Declaration of Independence was adopted.
_____ 2. Tell when the Constitution of the United States was signed.
_____ 3. Know the first two verses of the national anthem “The Star Spangled Banner.”
Tell who wrote the national anthem and when.
_____ 4. Know the Pledge of Allegiance. Explain what it means.
_____ 5. The United States Flag:
a. Tell what the thirteen stripes represent. Please list all thirteen.
b. From 1795 to 1818 there was something different about the US Flag.
Find out what it was and why it was changed.
c. Explain three proper ways of displaying the United States flag.
d. Tell how you show respect for the United States flag.
_____ 6. Do one of the following:
a. Find out what the parts of the flag are called. Draw a picture showing the following:
Canton Flag Staff
Fly Grommet
Field (or Ground) Peak
Fly End Union
Hoist Truck
Finial Halyard
b. Write a short story or poem about one of the following topics :
Why America Is Special To Me, What It Means to Be An American,
What It Means To Be Free, If I Were President…
_____ 7. Make a list of the 50 states in the United States of America.
_____ 8. Name the current President, Vice-President, and the Speaker of the House.
_____ 9. Name the two Senators from your state and the representative from your congressional district.
_____ 10. Participate in a service project that benefits a neighborhood or community.
_____ 11. ADULTS. Assist a youth in earning the United States Heritage Award.

It is available to anyone 11-18. Adults (over 18) may also earn the medal if they assist another in earning the medal.

More information can be found here. Other Venturing/general scouting award information can be found here.

Monday, December 10, 2007

Welcome All!

Welcome all! This website was invisioned to be a place where we can all keep up on each others activities related to Venturing. If you have good scout related sites, feel free to post. Please try to keep this forum dedicated to venturing and to a lesser extent scouting in general. If you have a personal announcement please post it on your own blog. I am trying to keep this one strictly scouting. Thank you all, hope to hear from you soon.

John Boom